The Stairway Valet

The Stairway Valet is basically a dumbwaiter that carries things up-and-down the stairs for you. The Valet carriage is made of plywood and its tray folds up when not in use.

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It features a “clothes pole” with a hook at the top on which clothes can be hung and carried up the stairs. The Valet travels up and down the stairway wall guided and supported by an aluminum track secured to the wall. A cable connected to a winch/motor and guided by pulleys raises and lowers the carriage. Switches mounted on the wall at both the top and bottom of the stairs operate the Valet. It is powered by a "Power Pack" which contains a 12 V battery and a charger to keep it fully charged.

The Stairway Valet is primarily intended for use in a basement stairway where most of your "hauling" is done. Think about all the trips you make up and down those stairs carrying laundry baskets, ironed clothes on hangers, food and beverages for the basement refrigerator or freezer, cleaning supplies, tools and many other things. The Valet can be built in a very short time using "off the shelf" parts.

Anyone would find the Stairway Valet useful but it's especially helpful for older folks who can still climb stairs okay, but who find it difficult to carry things up and down stairs. The Valet is not difficult to build and the soon to be available ebook, along with linked videos, makes it quite simple. In its pages you will find complete step-by-step instructions, a parts list with pictures of all parts, suggestions on where to purchase them, cost estimates, and a wiring diagram. Total cost is around $450.

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Click HERE to order the Kindle Paperback Book from Amazon